Being The Boss Is Hard

Can we be real for just a sec?  Being your own boss is hard. That’s right, it’s really fucking hard.  

From bookkeeping and taxes to customer service and marketing, remembering all of the little details is a constant struggle.  In my head I am running a constant checklist of to-do items that never seems to get shorter. Did I put in that order for products? Oh shit, I’m almost out of (fill in the blank)! Who was I supposed to follow up with again this week?

While it becomes easier the longer you are at it, start ups are the absolute worst.  And if you are an entrepreneur and haven’t screwed up or dropped the ball at some point (well I call bullshit first), chances are you will. I’ve watched even the most skilled entrepreneurs have hiccups.  The rest of us are basically out here just figuring shit out as we go, hoping we don’t fuck things up too much.

Even my business, small and simple as it is, has its struggles.  Most people think that it simply revolves around the service, where I shine.  What they don’t realize is that I despise client chart notes and don’t even get me started on bookkeeping.  Yes, I know skincare inside and out and can make your lashes look like you belong on the catwalk, but the back end of things is where I feel like bashing my head against the wall and doubt my decision to break out on my own. But then again, nobody starts their own business because they love to spend their free time organizing their finances.  That is, unless you are an accountant, in which case you are just weird. Please send me your contact info and rates.

If you are a solopreneur I feel like it is even worse.  Late nights, weird hours, and that never ending to-do list definitely put the damper on the personal life.  For those of you that have supportive partners at home, helping to pick up the slack, don’t forget to tell them how much you appreciate them!  For anyone out there hustling with kids, you have my utmost respect!

As for me, I’ve had to loosen up on my clean freak ways big time and I’m not happy about it! Nor am I happy about the number of social invites I have to decline, or the fact that I’m barely making it to the gym.  But until I can teach my dogs to dust and vacuum, or can afford to outsource some aspects of my business, this is my new reality. I do wonder if anyone else feels like they are losing themselves while they build their business though.

The only thing I can say for sure about this adventure so far, is that I’ve gotten fairly good at marketing.  At least from the standpoint that I can make things look pretty and am not afraid to put myself out there. Rejection sucks, but not being able to pay your bills sucks more.  So here I am, saying hello, and reminding you that I can make you look and feel like a glowing unicorn. Have you checked out my instagram yet @bare.aesthetics or maybe my booking site www.vagaro.com/bareaesthetics to see all the services I offer?  If not, you should, because I am totally awesome and you will definitely love it.

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